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Why Choose AutoCarGo

The Top Choice of Dealerships

When you trust a dealership enough to buy a vehicle from them, wouldn’t it make sense to trust who they refer you to for shipping of that new car? AutoCarGo is the choice of America’s top dealerships, so you can be confident that your vehicle is in good hands.

Personalized Approach

Ever call a company and discover you’re being asked to press 1, then press 6, then go back to the Main Menu? Sick of asking robots to “speak to an agent, only for the robot to get confused?” With AutoCarGo, you’re working with a real person with an incentive and interest in your vehicle being delivered successfully. Every move we do is handled with the utmost care and attention, because we believe that is how business should be done.

Dedicated Advisors

Our professional auto transport company advisors work passionately to ensure you’re working with the best vehicle transportation company. They will monitor your shipment around the clock, give updates when needed, and will always provide you with the best price possible.

Extended Hours

We are not just a 9 to 5 auto transport company. We’re here 365 days a year and work extended hours. We are always ready to answer your vehicle transportation questions, provide quotes, or book your order. 

No Bait & Switch

Why advertise this? Unfortunately, due to the lack of regulation in our industry, many companies will give you  computer generated quote. These quotes are always low, and do not reflect the true market pricing. Then, after you agree to work with them, they end up raising the price on you down the road. We stand firmly against these practices and only quote according to real-time market pricing.

Insurance coverage

The best auto transport companies include insurance coverage in your shipping quote. That’s exactly what we do. Our selected auto haulers must meet insurance standards before qualifying to be part of our carrier network, and on top of that, we are bonded and complete a thorough vetting process of the drivers.

About AutoCargo

We are a nationwide auto transport company that offers both open and enclosed shipping. AutoCarGo was founded on the idea that with the changes in technology and the car buying experience, there then must be a company willing to meet the needs of all customers that need our service. No job is too big or too small because every single customer deserves to have the best service possible.


Our Simple Steps

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Step 3

Your vehicle is delivered

Frequently asked questions about vehicle shipping

Everything you need to know about military PCS vehicle shipping

Guarantee pickup dates…Yes, we can! All you need to do is decide whether you need the car picked up by a specific date or on a specific date, which will determine the extra cost involved to guarantee your time frame. Please call for a customized quote if you need guaranteed pick up date(s). However, because anything can happen on the road, the auto-hauling industry does not guarantee delivery dates.

We suggest you make sure the car is clean so that any existing damage is fully visible. Remove any personal items, especially anything of value. If there are any external modifications to the vehicle such as a roof rack which can be removed, they should be removed and stored inside the vehicle if they will fit. As a precaution, it’s a good idea to cover or wrap your driver seat and driver-side floor mat just in case the trucker gets any dirt in the vehicle while loading or unloading. Remove any automatic toll devices and disable any kind of security devices which could give the trucker trouble when loading or unloading the vehicle. Finally, try to leave a quarter tank of gas in the vehicle to be sure there is enough for loading and unloading but not so much to start adding extra weight.

Tracking of your vehicle is done by phone and/or email during business hours.

Yes and No. You don’t personally need to be there but it is highly recommended that you have a representative at both pickup and delivery if you cannot be there personally. The representative must be at least 18 years of age. At both pickup and delivery you or your representative will need to inspect the vehicle and mark any damage on the Bill of Lading before signing it. At pickup you are looking for any pre-existing damage and at delivery you will note any new damage that occurred during transport.

AutoCarGo's Mission

We all know car buying is stressful but shipping doesn’t have to be! We are a thriving company located right here, in Massachusetts! We ship nationwide, offering a hassle free experience for our customers. Our dedicated shipping agents are knowledgeable in the industry and ready to assist from start to finish. Our process is simple. No games, no gimmicks. We work with dealerships across the map, as well as auctions and private customers. 5 star service is our promise to you, every time!

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